5 consejos de expertos sobre cómo ahorrar para su primera casa

January 12, 2022

    Cuando eras más joven, ¿qué querías ser de mayor?   Ya sea un astronauta, un maestro, un paracaidista o una estrella de la NBA, ese sueño puede haber incluido tu propia casa. (Y, si eres como nosotros, un trampolín gigante y una enorme casa en el árbol). Pero la cuestión es que tu […]


The reasons for & against owning a property free and clear

November 15, 2021

While owning free and clear real estate is a goal that many real estate investors have, that may not always lead to the best financial results. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons for and against owning a property free and clear, and the surprising effect that free and clear real estate has […]


Is Manufactured Housing Right for You?

October 11, 2021

Whether you are buying your first house, a starter home for your family, or your forever home in retirement, most are looking for a way to save on their home buying costs. This cost-effective mindset is what leads many home buyers to the idea of manufactured or mobile homes. Like any major decision, deciding what […]


Financial Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home

August 31, 2021

Mobile home buyers can save some serious coin versus traditional homes, and this can come in handy for the financially conscious. Fixed housing payments, whether a mortgage or rent, are likely your largest fixed monthly expense. Housing is a necessity, and the less you have to pay for it, the easier life will be. Mobile […]



August 16, 2021

Mobile homes offer A LOT of advantages to Texas home buyers over site built homes. They’re modern, affordable, have TONS of features, and they look great. Another advantage is that you can place a new mobile home on a vacant piece of land. You can use a piece of land you or your family already […]


What are the benefits of a mobile home?

August 5, 2021

Mobile homes are the most popular among those looking for a low-cost, affordable way to own a home. A home that is placed in a trailer chassis that allows to them move and can be a park in a mobile home park or leased land. Moreover, to understand the benefits of owning a mobile home, […]


Are Manufactured Homes Safe?

July 21, 2021

Are manufactured homes safe? It’s a question that’s been haunting you since you began your search for your perfect mobile home. You desperately want to move in, put your feet up, and relax. But you keep on wondering: are you moving into a delightful new home or a terrifying accident-waiting-to-happen? We’re here to help you […]


What Makes Manufactured Homes Cheaper Than Site-Built Homes?

July 8, 2021

As housing prices continue to rise, people are increasingly looking for alternatives to building traditional single-family homes.  While site-built homes are desirable with customizable features, the price can be prohibitive for the buyer – especially in today’s market. Purchasing a manufactured home, however, is a great opportunity to break the renting cycle and build some equity. When […]


Financiación de mobile home, la opción ideal para disfrutar de tu nuevo hogar

June 22, 2021

Uno de los factores que más nos frena a la hora de comprar una vivienda es el gran desembolso económico que debemos de realizar al inicio de la transacción. En gran cantidad de ocasiones estamos hablando de miles de Dollares que debemos abonar y que nos trastocan parte de nuestra economía. Este tipo de inconvenientes no son […]


8 Things To Do Before You Make An Offer On A House

May 12, 2021

Making an offer on a home for sale is a big step that takes careful thought and planning. The decisions you make now will impact your finances for the foreseeable future. It is important to take the time to fully investigate and evaluate all aspects of the sale and the home. There are essential steps […]