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Whether you are buying your first house, a starter home for your family, or your forever home in retirement, most are looking for a way to save on their home buying costs. This cost-effective mindset is what leads many home buyers to the idea of manufactured or mobile homes. Like any major decision, deciding what […]

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Mobile home buyers can save some serious coin versus traditional homes, and this can come in handy for the financially conscious. Fixed housing payments, whether a mortgage or rent, are likely your largest fixed monthly expense. Housing is a necessity, and the less you have to pay for it, the easier life will be. Mobile […]

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Mobile homes offer A LOT of advantages to Texas home buyers over site built homes. They’re modern, affordable, have TONS of features, and they look great. Another advantage is that you can place a new mobile home on a vacant piece of land. You can use a piece of land you or your family already […]

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We have recently had the joy of meeting Arilene and the truth has been a pleasant experience, her service, and professionalism, we admire her passion and dedication to her work and her willingness to help us with all our doubts and questions. We will see you soon to finalize the purchase of our Mobile Home !!!! 😊


Camelia L.



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